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, "on your side." >> thank you for joining us today. we begin once again on storm watch. the region woke up to another cool and wet day, and now more rain showers are moving in. it is the nationals opening day. >> not very good baseball winter, but that is spring ball. i remember when it snowed during the opening day a few years ago. it is it damp out there. let's start out with a live look from our camera on the roof. right now, cloud cover overhead. look down to kentucky and tennessee. we are seeing a development of upper level energy that is going to bring us a few spotty showers, nothing to widespread. i think we will get the ball game in. it will be a cool game. a few spotty showers developing. we will talk about the improvements because yes, we will have some improvement. that is the latest. >>> southern states are reeling from severe storms. an apparent tornado flattened buildings and tore off roofs. coming up, how residents are dealing with a damaged left behind. >>> the u.s. formally handed over command of military operations in libya but today there are reports that cia operati
boehner instead wants the ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the bodies of prominent u.s. citizens like rosa parks have been displayed in the capitol rotunda. his funeral is scheduled march 15. >>> a virginia teenage girl attacked a teacher in the classroom. a 17-year-old high school students punched the teacher several times in the face tuesday afternoon. criminal charges are pending against the student. the school district says the girl also faces long-term suspension or even expulsion. >>> metro passengers will brace for more sat down sand delays this weekend. the agency is getting to work on the orange, blue, and red lines. mike conneen joins us from new carrollton with what it means for passengers. >> it is complying with recommendations for the ntsb. passengers will use free shuttle buses available this weekend. metro is telling them to add an extra 40 minutes to their weekend commute. >> i don't have a car. >> it is another weekend, another round of metro track maintenance. >> i will have to pick up my >> 10:00 p.m. tonight through sunday night, the orange line is closed fro
>> thank you for joining us today. it is pepco's pricey plan to keep the lights on, but will it work? a new report is bringing up some major doubts. brae and carter is at pepco headquarters with the details. >> over the past year there has been a lot of criticism from customers that when the storms roll in, the power goes out. pepco has put a new plan in place. the report says that it may not be enough. >> this pepco customer says the power in her home is not consistent and is frustrating. >> especially because my mom is disabled. if i have the lights on, the things that she needs to get around, it is hard. >> last year, pepco put a multimillion-dollar plan in place to trim trees, of great power lines, and replace underground lines. but according to a new report, it may not be making service any better. while restoration efforts worked reasonably good, pepco needed to be more proactive rather than reactive. reports also show that trees are the primary cause of most potentially preventable outages. in addition, the report says -- >> it is a work in progress. as you s
>> live and in hd this is abc 7 news on your side. >> thank you for joining us today. police in prince george's county are hunting for someone who gunned down a pizza delivery man. he was shot in the 6800 block of seat pleasant drive last night. it was a violent night. hours later, another man was murdered not far away. john gonzales is live with what we're learning about this. >> the victim who has not been identified by police today, was finishing up his work day yesterday. he arrived you're domino's pizza at noon and was on one of his final deliveries of the day at 8:30 p.m. 11 minutes of the call came in, he left the shop here and never returned. his manager tells us today he was only carrying $13. >> it was a. delivery only about two miles from the restaurant. but the delivery men who have worked here since 2008, it would be his last. gunned down in front of this seat pleasant apartment building. >> it is just horrible that repeats a person cannot do his job. >> residents heard multiple gunshots run a 30 p.m. last night. a resident found the working victim lying on the
that instituting a no- fly zone would likely require u.s. bombing inside libya to take out any air defense systems. >>> drivers across the nation are feeling more pain at the pump. there is no end in sight. the national average hit $3.51 per gallon overnight. pulp prices have jumped an average of 39 cents since the libyan uprising. the obama white house is considering ways to bring down prices. t.j. has the latest. >> if you think the unrest in the middle east does not impact all of our lives, guess again. >> the price of gas is ridiculous. >> we are now at $95 to fill up. >> libya is the 17th largest oil producer in the world. as a result of the civil war, gas in california shot up 50 cents in the past month. it now indiana and minnesota up 40 cents. texas and nevada 44 cents. and >> this extra cost has to be passed on to the consumer because it costs more to get the goods to the market. >> there has been mounting political pressure for the president to tap into the nation's oil reserves. >> it is something that has only been done in very rare occasions. >> is this the right time to use it? >> it
the screen. rebecca cooper joins us in our newsroom with more on this. >> elizabeth tylertaylor died at age 79 in los angeles. the cause of death was congestive heart failure. now the tributes are pouring in for a woman who was her life heart and dustup. >> elizabeth taylor, who first captured america's heart in the movies in a " national velvet." and she went on to star in more than 50 movies. many would become memorable classics, like "the giant," "and who's afraid of virginia woolf." she won the academy award twice. but her real life was more dramatic than the movies. she was already married and divorced by age 18. she was a widow by age 26. and controversial for her affair and mayors to the girl next door's has been eddie fisher. she also married twice to richard burton. she also married senator john warner of virginia. she was often in poor health and later went on to go public with her addiction to alcohol and drugs. >> i consumed inordinate amounts of alcohol. >> but she proved a set a businesswoman. after the loss of friend rock hudson to aids, she became one of the world's leading
are learning. good afternoon. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon. this is a terribly, terribly sad story. you described this as a quiet neighborhood. even coming up on the scene it seemed so quiet, to have such a horrible thing happened. a mother and two children, a toddler and a three-month old pulled up to the home where the children were going to spend the day with their grandmother. the mother was in the process of taking her children out of the car. she parked on a driveway with a very gentle incline. apparently the toddler started to say that the car was moving. the mother by that time had the infant in her arms. the car started moving. she made an effort to try to protect her children. you can hear the police describe what happened next. >> the mother pulled into the driveway of the residence. our understanding was that the car started to back up. she started to protect her children, at which time the car ran over her and the infant. the toddler was also injured but not seriously. >> we had an opportunity to speak with a neighbor who heard the mother screaming and try to run out a
today, and alleged gunman is in custody 24 hours after the attack that left two u.s. troops dead and another two wounded. the suspect opened fire and a bus full of air men outside the frankfurt airport and there are new signs that terrorism was the reason behind it. >> authorities say the gunmen who was a muslim rates in germany has confessed to an act of terror, her assault on friendly soil. >> i am saddened and outraged by this attack. we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. >> the bullet that killed the driver came through this window, striking a bus carrying more than one dozen u.s. air man coming from an airbase in england and route to ramstein airbase in germany. authorities say the gunman pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and began firing over and over shouting god is great in arabic. the shooter got off nine rounds killing two arabs and critically wounding two others. one is gun jammed, the gunmen made his way to the terminal but was tackled by a u.s. airman and german police. >> german chancellor angela merkel said she is dismayed and pro
. they transported one other person. witnesses tell us what they saw. >> i came out and saw the officer laid out in the st.. -- the street. pretty much trying to patch it up and put him in the car and moving in the direction of the helicopter. a pretty brutal accident, you know. >> i have lived here many years and i've heard many accidents right here. >> park police have yet to release the identity of the officer. metropolitan police are still investigating, trying to determine what happened. it is unclear whether the officer was traveling to a call when this all up and. again, they say he sustained serious injuries and it is not known whether or not they are life-threatening good as far as the traffic goes, the northbound lanes of the 395 remain closed at this point. we have seen a substantial back up because of it. such comments are getting better >> -- -- southbound lanes are getting by with one blocked. . >> two people are dead and two others are injured after an attack on a bus carrying u.s. air force airmen in germany. shots were fired at the bus this morning as it sat in front of the term
pressure that will move in from the north and west of us. all the storms that we have are long gone. look at our doppler radar. the showers are across the southern tip of the delmarva peninsula. it is still cloudy outside but given a few hours, we will get sunshine and temperatures will not warmup all lots. we will could be extended outlook coming up. >>> thank you very much. later today, the olney man accused of murdering two people in two days will be in court. the first murder happened friday in the second was on monday. the man is now charged with two counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors say he was on a conditional release after being found not criminally responsible for a 2008 crime. investigators have not figured out what led to these shootings. >>> deputies stepped up the search for missing pregnant woman and loudoun county. about an hour ago search crews began combing a wooded area near her ashburn,. she is five-months pregnant and has a 17-month-old child and was reported missing late in february. we will have the latest coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> turning to japan
is just two days away but winter is not for with us just yet. more frigid rain is moving in and some of the area could see snow. adam caskey is tracking this live in the weather center. >>> and unsettled weather pattern is taking shape in bringing cool temperatures and some areas of light precipitation that will continue to develop this afternoon and evening. it is just like scattered showers and a few wet snowflakes could make san by the evening hours. the clouds had moved in and a few rain showers have moved in especially down near stafford. it is just clipping southern prince william county at this time. the bulk of the moisture is well to the south over the tidewater region and to the northwest. we will have a few more developing showers later on with temperatures dropping by the evening hours into the lower 40's. we'll talk more about the forecast straight ahead. >>> we are following breaking news out of the montgomery county where crews are now working to repair a gas leak. newschopper7 was over the scene at the cost: russell ave in gaithersburg. the montgomery thought -- the m >> that you for joining us today. we are learning the price of enforcing a no-fly zone. today in american fighter jet clef -- crashed down on libyan soil. both pilots survived as calls went out for a cease-fire. pamela joins us live with the latest. >> the no-fly zone continues to stretch over the north african nation. tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from submarines. the u.s. suffered its first major blow, the loss of an f-15 fighter jet. this u.s. fighter jet went down overnight. the two-man crew was recovered safely. officials say that the jet was not brought down by hostile fire rather mechanical failure. today's coalition forces are pushing forward and officials say that the libyan leader is not the target. >> i do not know much about the location of the libyan leader, nor have we extended efforts in that regard. >> libyan officials say that at least dozens have been killed since the operation began saturday. some countries have called for a cease-fire. gaddafi loyalists want an end to the cease-fire. in response, the focus is on libyan targets away from populated areas. rebels ho
at the libyan embassy, a flag was raised. that flag was used before moammar khaddafi took power in 1969. this was a symbolic gesture to defy him. in libya, violence has escalated between rebels and pro-gaddafi forces. gaddafi is it denying the uprising. in an interview with christiane amanpour, the flamboyant leader made shocking statements. he says his people are not against him. in fact, he claims the exact opposite. >> no one is against me. they love me. , all. they will die to protect me and my people. >> under mounting pressure to leave libya, gaddafi laughed at the idea. [laughter] >> who would leave his homeland? why would i leave my homeland? why would i leave libya? >> international leaders say they are stepping up efforts to pressure him to step down. $30 billion in assets have been frozen and military forces are moving in and continued plants continue to arm rebels. susan rice called the leader delusional. >> the international community have joined the people of libya in expressing their outrage at the killing and the slaughtering and the crazy behavior we have seen out of co
down about five areas. brad, bring us up-to-date. >> first, the road has been reopened in both directions. starting at 9:00 a.m., workers found something with a suspicious device. we knew that all the time, but this was a little bit different. we can show you what it looks like from the chopper. this is not just a bad gore a box. it was a package to which a cell phone was strapped with wires. it looked for all intents and purposes like an explosive device. people kept away. prince county bomb squad arrived on the scene and took a gander at what they had. it looked very real. they had a technician in his bomb suit and there were able to get a close to the device. with the crime that they carry the bomb squad vehicle -- a system whereby they could actually -- they rig a system whereby they could actually disrupt the system. it had a high pressured jet of water to a chair by the device -- to tear apart the device. when the device was disrupted there was a puff of packaging material, that sort of thing. in the end, it appears as though this was a mock up, a fake. there were no expl
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